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Silicone mold care

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After you have gone to the trouble of purchasing your silicone molds, you want to make sure they last. Caring for your molds isn’t difficult, but there are a few things to remember:


1. Store your silicone molds in a single, flat layer. Storing them in a pile may cause them to bend and warp. Once a silicone mold is warped, it cannot be undone. Hint: To create more storage space, use a piece of cardboard on top of a layer of molds to create a new storage layer. Be sure to evenly distribute the molds on the next layer.

2. Store your silicone molds cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight. Excessive heat can cause the molds to warp or breakdown.

3. If you’re not going to be using your silicone mold for awhile, consider storing a casting in the mold to help insure it will retain its shape.

4. Do not pierce holes in your mold. This may cause the mold to lose its shape.


5. When finished with your silicone mold, wash it with warm water and mild soap before storing. Do not use solvents to clean your mold and do not place it in the dishwasher. Make sure your molds are completely dry before storing.

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